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Become a sustaining Ministry Partner and receive a free gift from R.I.C.H RECORDS. We’ll email downloadable MP3 links for music and sermons.Your recurring gift may be suspended or cancelled at any time by emailing us here

As  Ministry Partner, you will:

• Share in the mission by helping spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
• Access to specially selected music and  sermons.  Specially selected downloadable MP3  songs and sermons are added often and are free to Ministry Partners.
You will also receive special privileges and passes at R.I.C.H RECORDS events.
• Receive ministry emails and updates from R.I.C.H RECORDS

Your support will actively supports the following ministries:

•  “R.I.C.H RECORDS” As an independent Christian label, we are funded by your generosity.

•  Music - your support helps us to produce more music. It also helps us to place the music to bigger audiences so that more will be impacted by the message.

•  Videos - This is a visual and viral generation. You will help in capturing and producing visual content that will transform a generation.

•  Discounts on apparell and other items

•  A variety of ministry events.  In recent years, R.I.C.H RECORDS has participated in Evangelism Campaigns in Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. R.I.C.H RECORDS also continue in partnership with Compassion to raise  new child sponsors. We have done free events where people desire us to go but could not afford to help us get there.

•  Help maintain our web presents and – A dynamic site visited by thousands each year: Where people come to read,watch and listen to material that strengthens their relationship with the Lord.

Letter from Rich
Greetings Family,

Thank you for your faithful friendship and support of R.I.C.H Records. Our goal has always been to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our message of hope has been shared through the web, speaking, music (CDs/Digital music), music videos and Concert tours.  In the past we have witnessed God's grace poured out on many lives.  We have made use of every resource and produced music and events that have blessed many lives. We have always done so without major financial support. We desire to take it to another level. In the future we want to release more music, make more sermons available on the internet, produce more videos, go on more missions trips, and do more Humanitarian events, and we would love to bring a major tour to impact this generation. These new desire bring great opportunity, but also require funding. We find ourselves in need of regular financial support for this important ministry. We ask you to prayerfully consider joining us as a Ministry Partner with R.I.C.H. Records and Richie Righteous.  Together we can accomplish much more for the cause of Christ!

One of His Servants,
P.S. Thank you for reading this. If you aren’t able to help financially, please remember us in your prayers!